Reformed Experimental Activities

This discipline-based education research (DBER) project aims to transform the undergraduate lab experience through the creation, adoption, and dissemination of innovative learning materials called Reformed Experimental Activities (REActivities). Evaluation of REActivities’ materials focuses on:

1.Transferability of instructional methods among different instructors (RTOP & ELITE)

2. Transportability of instructional materials and methods to other sites (RTOP & ELITE)

3. Increased student-instructor concepts discussion. (ELITE)

4. Improved reported cognitive gains in the organic lab. (MLLI)

5. Increased reported confidence /affective gains in the organic lab. (MLLI)

Assessment tools utilized in our research include: Reformed Teaching Observational Protocol (RTOP), Evaluation of Lab Instructor Time and Engagement (ELITE) instrument, Meaningful Learning in the Laboratory Instrument (MLLI).

Contact Info

Dr. Tina Goudreau Collison/ Professor of Chemistry

Rochester Institute of Technology /School of Chemistry and Materials Science

85 Lomb Memorial Drive / Rochester, NY 14623

Office: GOS-3276 / phone: (585)475-2634 / email: