Brick City Soap

Brick City Soap is ChemUnity Project pioneered in the School of Chemistry and Materials Science at RIT. It comprises a group of students and faculty engaged in soap making as a hobby. Our goal is to showcase how chemistry plays a role in everyday life and in very useful ways. Soap is simply one example of chemists making stuff! Our group meets once or twice a month to learn about soap making, trial some of our recipes, and then decide as a group what we’d like to do with our successful products.  Brick City Soap is also a great outlet for our ChemUnity project students to express their creativity, socialize, explore entrepreneurial endeavors, learn about environmental considerations in soap making, and much more!

Fall 2023 Schedule

Kick Off Meeting
Thursday, Sept 28th @ 5pm

It Makes Scents Meeting 
Thursday, Oct 12th @ 5pm


It Makes Cents Meeting
Thursday, Oct 26th @ 5pm


It Makes Sense Meeting
Thursday, Nov 16th @ 5pm


Featured Brick 

RITchie really put his foot into this time! This brick has a mild orange fruit scent and features a tiger paw print on one side and the RIT Chemistry brand on the other. We used some dried flowers to decorate the top. 

First Batch September 28th, 2023 (Fall apple pie effect with fruity vanilla scent)

Adding the Lye

Approving the process

Mixing the batch

Swirling the top

Removing the mold

Cutting the brick

Showcasing the result

Putting away for cure

Second Batch October 13th, 2023 - So much creativity!

Featured Technique  

Here is a technique I found that I thought seemed really cool. Check it out! Doesn't look too difficult and I am inspired to buy one of those soap cutter boards! Seems like the perfect attempt at fall themed soap!