Brick City Soap

Brick City Soap is ChemUnity Project pioneered in the School of Chemistry and Materials Science at RIT. It comprises a group of students and faculty engaged in soap making as a hobby. Our goal is to showcase how chemistry plays a role in everyday life and in very useful ways. Soap is simply one example of chemists making stuff! Our group meets once or twice a month to learn about soap making, trial some of our recipes, and then decide as a group what we’d like to do with our successful products.  Brick City Soap is also a great outlet for our ChemUnity project students to express their creativity, socialize, explore entrepreneurial endeavors, learn about environmental considerations in soap making, and much more!

Spring 2024 Schedule

Please bring your favorite floral skin-friendly essential oil to the event. I like oils from the company P&J

Monday, Feb 26th @ 6pm


Thurs, March 21st @ 4pm


Monday, April 15th @ 7pm


Spring Featured Brick

Let's put some floral scents into the mix this semester and prepare ourselves for spring! This brick was made with the Rochester Lilac festival in mind. It doesn't get more Rochester than the lilac. Perhaps a Rochester stamp would be great to have made? What's your favorite floral scent?

Spring  Featured Technique

This looked like a great way to make soap featuring all the good smells of the spring. Hoping to try this method out with Lilac scents and a color scheme similar to the video!

Adding the Lye

Approving the process

Mixing the batch

Removing the mold

Cutting the brick

Showcasing the result

Putting away for cure

The Brick Wall

Dr. G and her husband Bill

Serena and Mary Emily (Fall '23)

Alex (Fall '23)

Liam (Fall '23)