Christina Goudreau Collison Research Group

Tina Goudreau Collison and her group are dedicated to the training of undergraduates in an organic chemistry laboratory. Since 2012, her research has largely encompassed the development, implementation and evaluation of using a novel delivery method in undergraduate organic chemistry laboratories. The assessment tools used in her research include Reformed Teaching Observational Protocol (RTOP), Meaningful Learning in the Laboratory Instrument (MLLI) and a derivative of the Laboratory Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM (LOPUS). Her research team also studies Sign Language Incorporation in Chemistry Education (SLICE) as a means for improved cognitive gains for not only deaf and hard of hearing students but for hearing students as well.

In addition to the discipline-based education research (DBER) she also has some wet chemistry projects directed at training chemistry majors/minors and biochemistry majors for advanced education (PhD programs/medical school) and/or industrial positions. These projects involve the synthesis of biologically significant compounds, and investigative methodologies in organic synthesis.


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Dr. Tina Goudreau Collison/ Professor of Chemistry

Rochester Institute of Technology /School of Chemistry and Materials Science

85 Lomb Memorial Drive / Rochester, NY 14623

Office: GOS-3276 / phone: (585)475-2634 / email: